Saturday, November 08, 2008

Saturday Night "Smooth"--and "Smooth 2"!

From a movie that permanently entered Harrogate's Top Ten movies the first time he saw it. Every time the movie is on Harrogate watches it. If he owned it he'd watch it all the time. That's why he doesn't own it.

The movie has among other selling points: top notch acting and special effects, a pulp fiction quality, an ecocritical thrust, a bottomless racial element, a romantic nostalgia for old school Hollywood, and a markedly anti-corporate sensibility. And it's fun as hell!!!

The character we feature here of course was brilliantly executed by Kathleen Turner, and immortalized one of the naughtiest lines in American film history: "I'm not bad, I'm just drawn that way." It was Amy Irving, however, who provided the singing voice the Transcendent Scene you are experiencing here.

Harrogate especially dedicates this song to Mr. and Mrs. Oxymoron, in honor of their "Smooth" and "Smooth 2" musical collections.

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