Thursday, February 22, 2007

Nevada Dems on Crack: LGF Remains on the Fox Teat, Blasts KOS. Harrogate, Meanwhile, Reports. You Decide

Daily Kos has a great entry on why the Reno, Nevada Democrats are on crack for trying to arrange their Presidential Primary Debate to be broadcast (filtered) by Fox News Channel. Check it out, Oh Readers. Do check it out.

Harrogate for all his sexiness and brilliance cannot understand why Democrats keep going onto the Fox News Channel. It remains one of the Great Unanswered Mysteries, it really does.

A similar move would be for an atheist to go a snake handler revival :-P week in and week out to make his passionate case. Sure, the snake people might listen to ye for a while if you're all up in their grill, but only in a very bemused and detached way. And then as soon as you leave the head snake handler will go into his analysis of all the things that were wrong with what you said. Ah, Harrogate and his analogies. How do you perfect perfection?

Meanwhile, those pukes at Little Green Footballs take the opportunity to launch vitriole at Kos while at the same time paying their typical fellative homage to Fox News Channel.

LGF, people, will indeed take your breath away with its level of cesspooldom. The commenters join their Head Lizard in waiting with bated breath for IT to happen, so that they can cheer for the killing of all Muslims everywhere from their tactical positions with the 101st Keyboard Division. They really, really think they are fighting a war and that Charles Johson is a visionary.