Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Trial By Media is a Bad Idea; or, a Rant

I didn't even follow the Casey Anthony murder trial because first of all wall to wall media coverage of a murder trial is stupid and base, and second of all I wouldnt have had time even had I wanted to.

That said, I am pretty sickened by the outcry against the jury's verdict today. The internet is blowing up with commenters outraged by the idea that the prosecution had to meet the burden of proof in this case, since everybody "knows" she did it.

Fuck CNN. Fuck our corporate media. Sometimes, sometimes I think Hugo Chavez has it right. Not often. But sometimes. Because Whatever sells, whatever makes money is what we get when we have a for profit media. Sell wars, sell Tiller the Baby Killer, sell guilty verdicts, sell Viagra, it's all the same to these fucking people.

Maybe I am a coward for writing this here instead of on my facebook page. God knows I havent seen a single one of my facebook friends come out and say, hey, they have to prove guilt, they have to remove doubt, and it doesnt matter what CNN anchors or Fox anchors or Dick Vitale or YOU, O Crusading American public, think about the case. So shut the fuck up. The right to a defense and the burden of proof being on the prosecution is not an inconvenience.

Anyway. Fuck it. Some things you just cant change. Most things in fact.