Thursday, January 10, 2008

Why Some People Like Ron Paul, Part I

Some people think Ron Paul is constitutionally pure. He is not. His wish to eliminate the Department of Education or the Income Tax is not grounded in the Constitution. Nowhere in that document are such things prohibited, abstractly or concretely. There is also the problem that a healthy chunk of Paul's base is white supremacists masquerading under the familiar banner of "stayyyyytes raaaaghhhhhts," but that's another story for another day.

There is however a very specific language regarding how the United States should go to war. Congress, not the President, declares war. That's Federal Law that Presidents keep breaking, and Congresses keep facilitating the breakage of that law out of sheer cowardice.

Ron Paul knows this and basically cleans all the GOP candidates' clocks on the issue, and on United States' imperialism more generally, in this recent videotaped debate. And this is a big part of why Paul, though obviously an Ideologue in the most accurate sense of the Word, is peeling off so much money from all over the political spectrum.

Harrogate is seriously, check out this video.

Especially check out Giuliani salivating at the opportunity to remind us, in case anyone anywhere forgot even for a nanosecond, that he was in New York on 9-11.

The FOX News framing makes it even more entertaining still.

Finally, click it over to You Tube and ye will see that someone entitled it, probably after some time on Pete's Couch, "Ron Paul Courageously Speaks the Truth."

:-0 and Hmmmmmmmm....

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

What Happened in New Hamphsire

As Harrogate has been writing frequently and at length on this blog, the Democratic part is currently in the process of screwing itself by delving into Cult of Personality aesthetics rather than confronting the actual dangerousness of the Republican Party. But somehow all those posts got erased, probably by a stoned Ron Paul supporter. Therefore Harrogate will here attempt to recap the analysis he has been developing.

But because Harrogate is somewhat proud of Hillary Clinton overcoming weeks of often overtly sexist bashing at the hands of the media, he will put off his despair at the prospect of her getting the nomination, and inevitably losing the general election to a dangerous Republican, for another post.

Want the Health Care crisis and Poverty ignored?

Want to protract the Iraq debacle ad infinitum and open the door for bouncing, baby new wars to boot?

Want to continue to hear an ignorant President on national television talking about the pressing need to "preserve marriage," "defend Christmas," and the like?

Well, do ya?

If you want these things, then it is no wonder that you are enjoying the Obama versus Clinton show. But as Harrogate said, Clinton gets a "bye" today for her kickass defense of vacation-home turf last night. So, on to Obama, and the fascistic glorification of newness and vigorous youth that his campaign has thus far channelled with resounding success.

For months now lots of fun has been had by American Democrats hyping Obama. What is being lost in all the fervor is that, were Obama to get the Democratic nomination he would possibly be the worst candidate to do so in a long time (and that's saying something!). Obama, in short, is an empty suit. His ardent supporters typically defend their support on the basis of emotionality: "You just don't understand, you have to hear him speak" and "something is happening in America" are the vapid kinds of things you will hear in that quarter.

About the only substantive things Harrogate has thus far been able to glean from Obama is that the guy is foolish enough to believe that uncivil discourse is the big problem facing America today! That if elected, Obama's friendliness and inviolable coolness would be enough to bridge the ideological divides separating Democrats from Republicans.

Kumbayah. Meanwhile, in the general election he would be destroyed by a dangeorus Republican. But hey, his supporters would get to "be part of the excitement," and that's what matters, right?

Monday, January 07, 2008

Ron Paul's Guys Versus FOX 's Guy

This is a funny exchange.