Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Crucial Updates on the Second Nike Commercial

The Mozart Piece is "Requiem," for those who care.

Also, it has recently come to Harrogate's attention that the Cold Blooded Road Warrior featured in the Second Commercial is indeed Michael Jordan's son. So now not only are High Art and, more generally, Human Achievment at stake: but, Readers, we now appear to be in the midst of Nepotism at it's absolute most fascinating. The Clinton and Bush Dynasties pale in comparison (literally and figuratively).

Anyways, Harrogate loves both of these commercials. He really does. But sometimes what we love is the most dangerous thing of all, so sayeth Harrogate. Leave no stone unturned, leave no SPLIFF unlit, in the pursuit of self-awareness.

Stay alert, and Stay With Fox.

Monday, February 26, 2007

In Honor of the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

The real reason why spring is the best time of year has nothing to do with pitchers and catchers reporting or the fact that college atheletes play through a tournament while schools and television networks make a fortune off of their talents. (And who says slavery is dead?)

No, the real reason why spring rocks---- Hockey. There is 20 games left in the NHL season and playoff positioning is in full gear.

To honor this wonderful time, here is a clip-- a rare clip from Salon.com. This clips shows just how hockey players would dominate other sports.

"Clark the Canadian Hockey Goalie"

Update: the link is now working, though you will need to scroll down. Maybe this clip will work.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Nike, High Art, Mozart, and Harrogate

Oh Readers, the greatest Month of the whole American Year, March, is coming and coming fast.

Soon that maverick intellectual, Harrogate, will be inundating himself and--by extension--The Rhetorical Situation with a prolifera of all things college basketball. The coming tournaments, first the conferences and then the Big Dance--aka the Clearing at the End of the Path--are American spectacles that occupy a level unto themselves. Funny how sitting in front of a television four weekends in a row can give rise to the full spectrum of human emotions. But wait! Harrogate reveals too much, too soon. The regular season is still upon us. Let us organically grow into the moment, for in due time there will surely be, as they say, great wailing and gnashing of teeth. Or something like that.

For now, check out these commercials. The first, a recent classic, maybe the Greatest Shoe commercial ever. It has all the trappings of celebrating the human spirit in the mode of Dionysian Antiquity while at the same time very much participating in the postmodern Appolonian capitalist orgy that is today. It features the proud father Michael Jordan at the end. Jordan's smile may be the single most pleasant to behold, and of course the most lucrative, in the history of American sport. This first commercial knows how to bank on it, baby!

And then, second, Harrogate offers the awesome Nike commercial currently running. The Mozart does its job very nicely. The Goth emotions of it all, the defiance of the heroic Road Warrior who has come to take our candy and eat it right in front of us, the communitarian ethos on the line in this commercial will be palpable even to the most basketball-indifferent of spectators.