Friday, November 14, 2008

"Why Couldn't You Put the Bunny Back in the Box?": Friday Nostalgia

Simply some of the greatest shit ever, that's all.

And, Hey. If you want to get sentimental with it, what's better than money shots of Nicholas Cage, set the the music of Leann Rimes?


harrogate said...

Gawd. That shot of Cusack at the end of the second video. He understands what is happening. He is moved by it.

It's a little something Cusack calls acting. Maybe you, like Jeremy Piven, have heard of it.

But. Cusack didn't even get nominated for Best Supporting Actor for that performance. Can ye believe that shit?

Oxymoron said...

Clip #1: Oxymoron is throwing hooks and jabs into the wind.

Clip #2: He grabs a tissue.

harrogate said...

One of the Profs from Harrogate and Supa's days in the Master's Program, a Shakespeare scholar and a Bibliographic Genius.

He once memorably observed in class that what he loved about Shakespeare was that the older he got and the more that happened to him, the better Shakespeare got.

Reading Lear, he observed, became a whole different kettle of fish after he became a father.

And so it is with the tear-jerking clip, Oxy.

harrogate said...

And for those who balk at Harrogate's naked grab for your sentimental tears, remember that it could have been much, much, much worse.


Supadiscomama said...

Um...the other evening, when Supa was out with a couple of her ladies, a car drove past the outdoor seating area blasting that damn Celine Dion song. We were quite amused--until we couldn't get the fucking song out of our heads.

harrogate said...



Wherever you Are.

I know that the heart will

Go on.

Supadiscomama said...