Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Happy Wednesday Musical Tribute; and a Word on Covering Great Music

Back to that famous conversation between Oxymoron, Solon, and Harrogate, on the way to the bar, discussing what is wanted, and what is not wanted, out of musical covers.

The record on which this song appears is just so awesome. Harrogate loves it so much. Perhaps some would say that bringing a country-western flavor to Pink Floyd, without harming the Greatness of the Original, is a task tantamount to bringing a Stanley Cup to Buffalo. But years ago, Luther Wright & the Wrongs proved it could be done, in what has now become a cult classic album: Rebuild the Wall.

Here's a general rule about cover songs: if they give you a renewed appreciation for the value of the original, they have done good artistic work.

1 comment:

solon said...

I must admit, the song grows...

It seemed like a terrible idea at first. But then, cooler heads prevailed.