Monday, November 10, 2008

Kairos Olbermann, Kairos

On Countdown, Keith makes an existential case against Proposition 8 in California. My question: Why now when the vote was last week?

Maybe, if you took notice of the situation, you could have delivered your message before the vote.


harrogate said...

Agreed that his timing sucks.

But, hard to blame him for going wall-to-wall with Obama v McCain. It seems longer ago than it was--there was a time when KO's was the lone Mainstream voice (okay, plus Stewart and Colbert) that consistently criticized a dominant GOP.

This was a big, nail-in-coffin kind of moment for him. Harrogate sympathizes.

The Roof Almighty said...

A week ago, how could he (or anyone) have predicted that the disparaged minorities crying out for change would put that nail in the coffin of gay rights?

And if predicted, how to sell it without disenfranchising the voices in question.

"You are right to claim your voice, now let me tell you what to do with it"

More so, I think Olbermann's plea has everything to do with this: .

I think this is the first step in the "what next?" phase that I hope we get to wallow in.

Better this than, as I saw on MSNBC or CNN on Friday "Who is the most viable candidate to take on Obama in 2012?"

Who ever isn't in prison or half-out of the closet. So...Jindal? Alan Keyes? I hear that John McCain was a POW.

M said...

I think what most people didn't expect was that the large number of African Americans who came out to vote for Obama also voted for Prop. 8 (I can't find the article I read on this now--sorry). As Roof points out, most of us didn't expect one historically marginalized group to vote against another historically marginalized group.

But then maybe if Prop. 8 had received more national attention--and I mean more than just what it received on the entertainment sites and through People magazine--it wouldn't have passed.

Anonymous said...

We didn't expect that the minority groups would vote for Prop 8? The black community has a history of homophobia. And the Latino community tends toward cultural conservativism, which aligns itself against gay rights.

Roof nails it, as usual: "And if predicted, how to sell it without disenfranchising the voices in question."

M said...

You and Roof are absolutely right, Megs. Once again I allowed my optimism to overshadow my knowledge of history and my logic. But that doesn't make me any less disappointed in California voters.

harrogate said...

There has been a lot of emphasis on homophobia in the African-American and Latino communities, and rightfully so, to a point.

Dan Savage on The Colbert Report, last night, was also right to remind us not to lose sight of the broader coalition of voters, as well as Where the Money Came From.

The broad demographic he was referring to is "Old People." And he expressed gratitude that they will soon be dead. Outlasting bigots is the gay mantra, he said.

And to Harrogate's ironic delight: The Money to bankroll Prop 8 came from the Mormon Church.