Thursday, November 13, 2008

More Funny Than Funny

Stop me if you have heard this one before: (with help from CNN: The Most Trusted Name in Late Night Comedy). Here I Go Again.

For the first time since being selected as the VP for the Republican Party, Sarah Palin held a press conference during which she was asked four, yes that is 4, questions. The first question concerned why she held a press conference now but not when she campaigned on the McCain- Palin ticket. She spoke words but failed to provide an answer.

Heightening the contradiction, Palin argued against hyper-partisanship. Instead she declared everyone must focus in what's best for Americ. Unfortunately, she did not state if she referred to the real or fictional America.... Hey, Gov. Palin, you had the opportunity, what did you do? What changed? Oh... you don't say.

One thing we do know: Palin is no longer wearing outfits from the RNC. Instead, she chose to receive clothing donations from Whitesnake....In the Still of the Night, Sarah Palin haunts me.


Oxymoron said...

This post will certainly find a place at the top of my year-end "Best of '08" thread. If only because of its three Whitesnake links.

Those tunes are so good that I--to borrow a phrase from the high-pitched echo-y scream of Coverdale in Still of the Night--"can't keep away-e-ay!"

harrogate said...

Oxy, this idea of a year-end "Best Of" list is appealing. This was the Year, after all, that the Situationers struck back in Earnest. There were arguments, there was heat, there was much comedy, and in the Words of Led Zepplin, there was a "Whole Lotta Love."

Let the nomination process begin whenever.