Wednesday, November 12, 2008

On the subject of Pink Floyd covers.....

Sparklehorse, with Thom Yorke: "Wish You Were Here."

This version follows the essence of the song: this version sounds as if someone is listening to it on the radio just like the guitar track on the chords in the beginning of the "Wish You Were Here;" the beautifully haunted nature of the song; the disconnect between the different tracks of music and disconnect between the music with the lyrics; the odd guitar "feedback" as well as its separation to the rest of the music.

And Sparklehorses' version has Thom Yorke singing back-up vocals via a telephone, as well as giving us a taste of what he was watching on the tele while signing-- how Pink Floyd of him.

It's strange, we know, but this is what makes the song so damn good...

Listen here. Listen Now. Listen Often.

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