Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Our favorite gay-bashing homo is back!

Ted Haggard recently delivered a few sermons at an Illinois church. He talked about his fall from grace. The highlights include

(1) his inability to accept responsibility for his actions ("some of the things that were buried in the depths of the sea from when I was in the second grade [a sexual experience with one of his father's business associates] started to rage in my mind and in my heart"); and

(2) his criticism of Christian leaders who refused to live by the gospel, by which I suspect he means showing compassion and love ("I believe that He gives us opportunities every few years to communicate the Gospel worldwide through secular media and we consistently blow it. A Congress person in trouble, that's the time. A family member gets himself in horrible trouble, that's the time!! A preacher gets himself in awful trouble, that's the time!!!!")

My favorite is #2, especially since Haggard was always so quick to fuel hatred against homosexuals.

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