Monday, November 10, 2008

Happy Birthday, Devil Dogs

To honor the 233rd birthday of the USMC, I offer below media footage of the first 48 hours of basic training.

I remember all to well my first two days of boot camp, the stage referred to as "receiving." Just as the reporter says, recruits go with little or no sleep during this time. Having not slept the night before my trip to MCRD in San Diego, I was so tired on my second day that I remember nodding off (or "bobbing for cock," as the drill instructors liked to say) when I should have been filling out my tax documents.

To celebrate the anniversary of our birthday, I will spend the evening talking to former members of my supply unit on the phone, a ritual that has persisted over the last ten years.


And even though he spent some time in the National Guard, Mr. P-Duck is still one of us. So Happy Birthday to you, too.


p-duck said...

Happy Birthday Oxymoron! I'll pass the sentiment on to Mr. P-Duck too (who tells similiar Basic training stories). Tonight we'll celebrate with other Marines at a local establishment. Mr. P-Duck doesn't know about these plans, but we went a few years ago to celebrate there (pre-duckling) and he had a good time. So, I'm going to surprise him by taking him there again tonight. Maybe I can get him to wear his "not as lean, not as mean, but still a Marine shirt." There will even be cake tonight. And singing. The Hymn of course.

AcadeMama said...

The hubby would've loved to have heard about this kind of get-together. He celebrated by staying home with a sick toddler instead ;)

p-duck said...

Academama - Oops! I forgot about Acadepapa! I'm sorry! Every year Margarita Rocks does a shindig. It was a small turnout last night.