Thursday, November 13, 2008

The (Post Election) Sarah Palin Chronicles

It us the interview that keeps on giving. Another snipit between Larry King and Gov. Palin:
KING: One of the most frequently asked questions I had, and I don't like to use the word "I," was, when are you going to have Sarah Palin on? And we never got a good response. It's kind of sad. Anyway, it's good to have you now.

Katie Couric, by the way, said last night that she thinks you should keep your head down, work really hard, and learn about governing before contemplating a presidential run. What are your thoughts about her saying you should learn about governing?

PALIN: Well, thank you, Katie Couric, for your advice. And I won't reciprocate in giving her any advice, that's for sure, because I have respect for her and the profession that she is in. I would have greater respect though for the entire profession called mainstream media if we could have great assurance that there is fairness, that there is objectivity throughout the reporting world.

And you know, Larry, there, too, if there is anything that I can do in terms of assisting there and allowing the credence, the credibility that that great vocation, that cornerstone of our democracy called the press, if I can help build up that credibility in the press and allow the electorate to know that they can believe everything that is reported through the airwaves and through print, I want to be able to help.

I started out as a journalist. It's that important to me that that cornerstone of our democracy is given the credence and credibility that it deserves. But we have to have a two-way street here going where reporters are fair, objective, non-biased.

We get back to the who, what, where, when, and why, and allow the viewers and the listeners and the readers to make up their own minds and not so much commentary I think being involved in mainstream media's questioning and reporting on candidates.

I would like to kind of help build back that credibility in that cornerstone of our democracy called our media, allowing for the checks and balances that government needs.
All of this comes from a person who knows little about the role of a free press in a democracy; who demonstrates that she knows nothing about the first amendment and its case law; who refused to give a full press conference as the V.P. nominee for the Republican Party; who is factually challenged herself; and who consistently lies to the public and to the reporters who interview her (and why the reporters challenge her, no one knows).

I would also love to know how Palin believes (and not thinks) the persuasion process works. She states that the media "reports" and people are helpless to make up their own minds or, even worse, she implies that they are incapable of finding other information or rejecting the information the audiences receives. So there are "real Americans," and the there are helpless automatons that fall victim to the deceptions pf the mass media. The second group could be "real Americans" but only if the media were "fair" and "objective."

I fear that the checks and balances she desires means no criticism of her for that would be unfair. I hope she never attains power to bring credibility to the press. Soon she will start arguing that G-d told her to shut down the "liberal" media...


Oxymoron said...

It's interesting how she conflates criticism/advice with disrespect. "I won't reciprocate in giving her any advice [...] because I have respect for her."

Typical republicanism, I guess: if you criticize the war or the President, then you're anti-American.

How did we get to the point where questioning authority is the antithesis of respect?

The Roof Almighty said...

Let's be bluntly soapbox-y:

We get to this point whenever the "disrespected" and their defenders know full goddamn well that what they have done is indefensible.

"How dare you ask why we suspended habeus corpus in order to imprison random brown people and then be unwilling (and ironically unable) to prosecute the few who are guilty of anything?"

"Only an unAmerican communist Nazi would question why we have a mercenary army operating outside of (our) law and common sense."

"What budget surplus? You got YOUR rebate, greedypants."

"When we said "fundamentals" we meant people, and when we said "WMDs", we meant oil."

"We respect the troops so much that we don't armor them and we respect our intelligence agents so much that we out them in petty revenge."

"Yes, a wide-fucking-stance."

It is a classic shame spiral. They lie, get called on it, get ashamed, lie bigger, fuck up, shoot a guy in the head, lie, boldly state that an idiot is their future, even after she turns on them, lie, lie, lie.

They are, ethically, naked behind the toilet, covered in puke, weakly denying that they have a drinking problem. And, of course, they've binged so hard on defensiveness that they now have convinced themselves that "its all true, g-ddamn it, stop fucking judging me, you bitch. You know you're just a bitch and eve-eyone, eveyone, ev-ry-bod-y knows it. Fuuuu-uuuu-uuuuuck you!

Like you don't take a suitcase of Viagra on solo trips to Central America, leaving your wife at home. Like you don't sexually harass employees with fried chickpeas. Like you don't get lapdances from boys. Like you didn't kill someone in high school. Like you didn't leave your first wife while she was recuperating from a disfiguring accident. Like you haven't destroyed much of what this country ever was or may ever hope to be again. Like you haven't failed publically at everything except 'sell[ing] our country and consciences for nothing'.

I bet that makes you think you're special. Bitch."

The Roof Almighty said...

And to be bipartisan here: yes, when you get caught baldly lying to the world about whether you had a young girl "take the cigar boat out for a spin in Salmon Cove" for your amusement, oh, yeah, you "is" behind that ethical toilet.

And you know exactly what "is" means.