Thursday, January 08, 2009

Why hasn't the police shooting of Oscar Grant made the national news?

I only know about this killing (I'm restraining myself from not calling it murder) because of Kate at A k8, a cat, a mission. After reading through her links and the links of the blog she cites, I found more at CNN, but only after much digging. I get that I live in Canada, but I have access to American news. In fact, I often have better access to American news that I do to Canadian news. This needs to be discussed, and it needs to be discussed at the national level. Why? Because young men of color, who are unarmed, continue to be shot by police for no apparent reason--unless we're finally going to start counting racism as viable reason for shooting an unarmed man.


Oxymoron said...

We heard about this on a Waco news channel two nights ago. They showed the clip.

M said...

It's good to hear that it is making the rounds in some parts of the country.

Amy Reads said...

Hi M,
Not to quibble, but isn't its reporting on CNN national news?
Also saw it on the splash page this morning, as it has been over the past few days, including this photo gallery. So the news is getting out there, as it should be. There is some hope.

M said...

Yes, CNN is national news, but I only found the story I linked through much searching. I don't ever go to Yahoo, so thanks for letting me know it is there. To make my point more clearly, the U.S. national news I receive in Canada is somewhat limited--no CNN, no CBS news. We only have access to Michigan and Ohio affiliate ABC and NBC stations, which means we get ABC and NBC news, one of which we watch every day. I read most of my news online, and I hadn't seen this anywhere until I posted about it. I'm glad to know it is making the news, even if it seems to be mostly making online news and small channels.