Thursday, January 08, 2009

JTP Update

Joe the Plumber is heading to Israel for ten days. He will be the Gaza War correspondent for PajamasTV, a conservative website. JTP says that he wants to let Israel's "Average Joes" share their stories.

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solon said...

I think that this is a scenario in which it is best to learn from the wisdom of the Simpsons.

In "Attack of the 50' Eye Sores," from Treehouse of Horror VI, the advertisements, such as Lard Lad from the donut shop and the Springfield version of the Marlboro Man, come alive to wreck the town.

In trying to figure out how to stop the monsters, Lisa visits an ad agency and a spokesperson from the agency tells Lisa that the creatures are just advertisements and, in order to be free from the ads, the people of Springfield must learn to ignore the 50' monsters.... With the help of Paul Anka, who writes a delicious jingle to advise the townspeople to look away, the monsters disappear.