Wednesday, December 03, 2008

When Solon Noted, "Romney is Pissed"

As We are already beginning to see, February 2008 was one of this Blog's most effusive months. Southpaw's great jibe at Harrogate's homelife notwithstanding, there were moments when it seemed all the Irony had been drained out of the Situation, leaving only successions of straightforward, impassioned political argument.

But even in the thick of things, there were non-doctrinal gestures of humor that would appear at surprising moments, and which in a very real sense Stood as a Towering Marker of the great friendships on which this Blog has been Built.

And one of the most memorable Posts of that Crazy Season was this one by Solon. The title of the post, "Let the Games Begin," obliterated the line between Cliche and Poignantness. But when Solon wrote:

"Huckabee wins West Virginia. Romney is pissed...."

Actual Art had been achieved.

For months after, Harrogate would think about that sentence in its entirety. And the slight suggestion of a grin that must have played across Solon's mouth as he wrote it: his knowledge that it would delight Harrogate even as it captured the essence of the new Internicine GOP to come.

Solon, ye were on fire this year. Your Constitutional Passion, your Patriotism, and your steady support for Obama all did this Blog a great credit. And through it all, you never allowed yourself to lose your sense of humor.

Harrogate tips his Hat to you, friend.


Oxymoron said...

This is arguably one of the best lines ever composed on TRS. True art, as you point out Harrogate.

I remember the afternoon that this post was made. Harrogate called me on the phone. I had not yet read the post. He was laughing so hard that he could barely read me the opening line.

harrogate said...

Oh, oxy! Some of the best moments for TRS have been the result of our phone calls to one another, in the immediatye wake of a post by a Contributor.

"Hey man, did you see my post" has achieved Rote status when we call one another.

Yes, Harrogate remembers well, his inability to stop laughing as he attempted to explain the Joy Solon had wrought.

It was like, much more recently, Harrogate's First Con-Air post. Man that phone call was fun.