Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Remember Those Posts You Really Loved But Somehow Never Commented On?

Harrogate has had a few of those.

One that stands out is this one by Solon. In which the Awesome Musical Intro to Hitchhiker's Guide was featured. When Harrogate and Supadiscomama went to see the movie, Harrogate remembers expressing to her afterwards that while he thought the film itself a bit better than okay, he thought that the Dolphin Montage deserved an Academy Award nomination. He was not kidding. And he still thinks that highly of it, because it really, really captured the essence of what is to be loved about Douglas Adams, even as it did its own wonderful thing. Harrogate watched that clip like six times when Solon posted it, and yet somehow, he never wound up writing anything in the comments box.

This, Harrogate suspects, has happened a lot among Readers & Contributors in our brief history as an Award-Winning Blog. The writing, the videos, the pics all get pored over with interest, but sometimes, the comment box is left unvisited. (Although, as ye can see, the particular Post by Solon in question did not go uncommented. Oxymoron came through with his typical penache. All Posts should be so lucky, as to get such feedback).

And verily, another Word about that Post by Solon. Readers, how awesome was it to discover that Sweet Toddler J loves "Once in a Lifetime" by the Talking Heads? That discovery caused a Talking Head Renaissance for Harrogate. Even as he types this, in truth, Harrogate is listening to "Take Me to the River (Drop Me in the Water)."

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Oxymoron said...

I find myself wanting to point out the irony of this post. But in doing so, I remove the irony.