Friday, December 05, 2008

Best Inaugural Post

If I may, I would like to nominate my own first contribution to the Situation as the [see post title] of 2008. Who doesn't love a pantsuit? Or Barbie? Or Supa?


harrogate said...

This absolutely occupies an elite slot in the "Best of 2008" category.

Nor was the imaginativeness of your inaugural post lost on commenters.

Solon, for instance, wrote:
"...And what a first post. The best ever first post!!!!!!!!"

With aplomb, commenters explored your post's sexual, political, and fashnonista associations.

And, the comment box provided a space for megs to keep the "Polyanna" gag going.

Which gag, by the way, is still going...

Anonymous said...

I had a tough time deciding which to choose for my nomination: this one or Mr. Noodle. Excellent choice.


Anonymous said...

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