Thursday, December 04, 2008

Because Girls Blog Here, Too

Hi everyone. Megs here. Frequent reader, first-time poster. I'd like to nominate Supa's Mr. Noodle post. Because, well, it's not only gratifying to think about Harrogate's anger toward Mr. Noodle. It's also important to introduce the phrase "Mr. Noodle" into the dialogue.


Oxymoron said...

FYI: M is being honored tomorrow.

harrogate said...

This post here is itself worthy of Best of 2008 mention.

1)The title--- Rhetorically Magnifique!!!

2)That post by Supa was funny as hell. Harrogate, moreover, had forgotten his ire at Mr. Noodle and the writers who made him what he is.

3)And of course the label. That's right. You know which one Harrogate is talking about.

M said...

Personally, I think this may be the best title of any post, ever!