Thursday, June 04, 2009

Thursday Musical Tribute; or TRS and Soundtracks

One of Harrogate's favorite aspects of this blog, if not his very favorite, is the musical discourse, in which all Board Members have engagingly participated over the years. And, Soundtracks have been a subject this blog historically bandies about. Once upon a New Years' Eve, Megs reported on a vehicular conversation between herself and solon, in which the question of "best soundtracks" came up. A great thread emerged.

Harrogate listed the soundtrack to She's The One, which is also a record by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. Harrogate's reasons for putting this album involve every single song, which taken together represents some of the best work this group ever did. And the song posted below is, perhaps deservedly, the most famous single from that record. Harrogate presents it now, as the Thursday musical tribute.


Oxymoron said...

Great song, Harrogate. I'm not sure that I've ever heard it before.

Check out 1:25, 2:10, etc. That dude's playing a Rickenbacker mandolin. That's awesome! Perhaps even more awesome than the song.

Perhaps not.

harrogate said...

No, the mandolin's awesomness is not separable from the awesomness of the song; the instrument is at the heart of the studio version too.

And wow, Harrogate is a bit surprised you didn't know the song. But then, maybe all these years of being a die-hard Petty fan has caused Harrogate to think songs are famous, that really aren't. :-)

Great soundtrack, worth buying for it presents another side of Petty & The Heartbreakers. Underrated movie, too, with interesting individual performances in it, not the least of which is Jennifer Aniston's.

Oxymoron said...

On your recommendation and the strength of this song alone, I just purchased this soundtrack.

$2.79 + 2.29 shipping = $5.08.

Thank you eBay.