Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Bill O'Reilly the Terrorist Rhetor: His Response to Tiller's Murder

As Solon said, Papa Bear the Terrorist Rhetor doubled down on his violent rhetoric last night. Unsurprisingly, he altogether bypasses the issue of the hateful and demonstrably violent base to which his and other talk forums cater, and instead asserts that the real issue is "far left" craziness.

On a personal level, for Tiller's family and friends, how horrible to see O'Reilly smugly defend his inflammatory remarks the day after his death. On a broader political level, how horrible for those of us either committed to womens' rights, reaching peaceful resolutions to political problems, the rule of law, or all three.

O'Reilly's Response to Tiller's Murder


solon said...

The problem with O'Reilly's discourse, and the discourse of the Pro-Life movement on this issue, is that what happened to Tiller was bad but what he did was worse.

Even though the law is clear and Tiller acted within the law, O'Reilly's discourse constitutes guilt in the actions of Tiller without exception. The is no ambiguity in this only moral certitude.

Of course, this attitude does not reflect the rule of law that O'Reilly discussed. This attitude circumvents the rule of law and allows the murder of Tiller to have a moral legitimacy.

For O'Reilly and others in the pro-life movement, women have rights up until a point and that point rests at a very low threshold. If someone attempts to expand that threshold, then by any means necessary can individuals exert their authority to prevent women from enacting their rights.

euphgeek said...

Paraphrasing from a quote I saw on another blog:

Charles Manson is sitting in jail for doing the exact same thing that Bill O'Reilly has done.