Monday, June 01, 2009

In the Wake of an Attack on Women and their Doctors, The Hate Speech Ratchets Ever Higher

Speaking of Bill O'Reilly, Terrorist rhetor Randall Terry has been getting a lot of press today, sticking his face in front of cameras and insisting that pro-life activists "not back down" in the aftermath of Tiller's murder. This is blood curdling stuff Harrogate is posting below, but it needs to be publicly excoriated, from small blogs like this to the heaviest of hitters like Williams and Couric and our leaders in the federal government. In the face of this, by Harrogate's measure, what Obama said was a good start but not enough. He needs to say more. As do any reasonable politicians on both sides of the aisle, who oppose domestic terrorism. It is time for the Rhetoric of Shame.

Tip of the Hat to Little Green Footballs

Succinct writeup of this video by LGF proprietor Charles Johnson:

Here’s Randall Terry, founder of the extreme anti-abortion group Operation Rescue, with a deplorable statement . . . This is domestic terrorism, in your face. This video is the equivalent of an Al Qaeda video following a terrorist attack, disavowing responsibility but encouraging more attacks.

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