Saturday, March 14, 2009

Stop the Prison Rape Jokes

One of the saddest aspects of our popular culture is the ubiquity of the prison rape jokes. The reference to prison rape for comedic effect operates as a blight on several standup comedic acts, songs, sitcoms, and a range of "harmless," fun movies including Mallrats and Office Space.

As all theory heads know, the ubiquity internalizes, normalizes prison rape, when reason dictates it would be no more common to joke about this than it would to joke about any other kind of rape. It is after all rape.

Which brings us to this little piece by Doug Giles, one of Townhall's resident "Tough Guy Conservatives." You know the type he styles himself to be: he's a man's man, he hunts and kicks butt and takes names and he doesn't truck with them there elitist intellectuals. No sirree.

Anyway. The column is about what a bad guy Chris Brown is and by extension how bad the "hip-hop culture" is and by extension how much better conservatives are than liberals since after all, chances are very low that the makers and purveyors of "gangster rap videos" vote Republican.

But here's the snippet on prison rape. Harrogate read this and realized that during the existence of this glorious blog, he has never yet used it to express his disbelief that the culture is still okay with speaking of prison rape cavalierly.

Affect-Loaded Snippet:

Where I hail from (the great nation of Texas) men don’t do that to women, but the guys dumb enough to usually get the stuffing beat out of them by the girl’s dad or brothers—or both. After that near-death butt kickin’ administered to the girl-abusing loser by chivalrous men who love the women in their lives, the wussy would then proceed on to prison where he’d become the abused girlfriend of several randy inmates. It’s called jailhouse justice. And I like it.

This has nothing to do with "political correctness," though a professional neanderthal like Giles would probably try to put it in that category. Just a simple reminder for those who needed it, rape isn't funny. That's all.


The Roof Almighty said...

"...and I like it!"

I like the system whereupon our wives and daughters are savagely beaten 'fore it gives my and my sons the excuse to climb on top of the offender and hit him and hit him, just clubbing his chest with our little fists and kicking at our blankets like we would swim away. Splashes in satin. And then, suddenly, it's as though we're all in prison and more men are climbing atop him, star-high mounds of men swaying like the bushes outside my window, moving back a shadow riding up over me, occluding the hall light. And then suddenly someone slips inside of him--maybe it's me!--and I like it like. I'm so satisfied, I can barely hear the pleas for help coming from the battered lips of our wives and daughters.

They'll never know that this is how brave men keep them safe, not beforehand, when it could have helped, but after with fear and torn assholes. Like Daddy used to say, "Mommy needn't know".

---This has been another scene performed by Freudian Theatre.

Freudian Theatre--Can you ever really walk out of that doorway?

M said...

Thanks for this particular rant, H. I must admit this isn't something I think about a lot, but when I do hear a joke on this subject, I always cringe.

And, Roof, could you give this performance to my dad? He always told my sister and I that if anyone ever physically hurt us he would make sure that said person was hurt much, much worse. As I got older, I tried to explain that this didn't encourage me to tell him things, should anything ever happen to me (thankfully, nothing along these lines ever did). I know that if anything had I wouldn't have told him (and, thus, likely not told the police) out of fear that he'd do something stupid and get sent to jail. Whenever I explained this to him, he always discounted this fear, assuring me with a Tony Soprano sort of attitude that he wouldn't get sent to jail. I think your performance just might get the message across.

Anonymous said...

BTW - Rape is totally funny. Haven't you ever seen Patrice O'Neal?

Grow a pair and get a sense of humor.

The Roof Almighty said...

Rape humor:

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