Thursday, March 12, 2009


From CNN:
Singer Chris Brown has recorded a song with his reported girlfriend, Rihanna, just days after charges were filed against him for allegedly assaulting her, the record's producer said Thursday through a publicist.

What should be the name of the song? "(Even though I should) I can't quit you babe."

Other suggestions?


AcadeMama said...

"Hit Me With Your Best Shot"?

(ducking away now...)

The Roof Almighty said...

I would have assumed a cover of "Hit me baby, one more time"

Anybody care to race me to the bottom on this one?

Supadiscomama said...

"Kiss me once. Kiss me twice. Come on pretty baby, kiss me deadly."

The Roof Almighty said...

A cover of Radiohead's classic B-Side "PunchDrunk Lovesick Singalong"?

Or Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam's "Can You Feel the Beat?"...?