Friday, March 13, 2009

Assy McGee Award® for 3/13/09: Paul Edwards

The piece is entitled "How I'm Praying for the President."
Just. Wow.

Representative Spewage:

Based on the policy positions alone, there is solid evidence that Barack Obama has made himself an enemy of God and the enemy of God’s people.


solon said...

I just read the article and skimmed the comments. Most of the comments state "We Must Pray" for this and that, mostly for Obama to "see the truth" and turn into an Evangelical Christian that likes to protect cells but torture living humans.

My favorite comment though stated:

Is this guy stupid? [the author]
How does government subsidized day care take away parental authority? It means parents who choose to use day care, will be able to do so at a reduced cost. This guy is really reaching.

Maybe we all need a road to Damascus conversion.

harrogate said...

Yes, maybe we do indeed.