Monday, February 16, 2009

Summing Up the Bush Administration

If we consider all that has happened in the past eight years under the Bush Administration and, when it occurred, the GOP, I think that this may be the best phrase to describe what these people did to the country and the world: enhanced proctological examination.

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The Roof Almighty said...

Has Obama followed through with his plans to remove the "Don't Ask Don't Tell" policy yet?

If not, then our military industrial complex just outted itself.

I wonder who is going to stand up to (or after) defend the forced anal rape of men. Lindsey Graham, you're already covered in shit this week, will you stand up?

Can Cheney please go on the record about how broom-fucking anyone saves us from terrorism?

In fact, wasn't the oft repeated reason for our current wars that "we had to fuck them in the ass over here so we could come while we're there."

I'm pretty sure I remember Bush saying that a lot.