Monday, February 16, 2009

Committing to a Premise

Waiting 2: Still Waiting

Can even Harrogate find this funny?
Is the "shenanigans in a setting I'm familiar with" excuse strong enough to hold up against this mirthless soulbortion?

(And, for those as stuck in the auteur mindset as I am: same writer/director as the original. Apparently, there were questions left unanswered for a future generation.)

Now, I remember full well when Solon sent me out for Nazi scalps...

...and I find this premise welcoming and familiar.


solon said...

Actually, I do not know which trailer is worse, or better.

Did QT actually make a movie I could not watch?

harrogate said...

First off, Harrogate agrees with Solon's take.

Second, and to elaborate, in response to Roof's question. No, by no means does anything about Waiting II strike Harrogate as remotely worthwhile.

Some movies, like all other endeavors in life, succeed very much as though by accident. Such seems to have been the case with the first Waiting: They hit upon something authentic. Not what it is like to work in a restaurant, although some of that was there. No, the authenticity they hit upon was the Sense of Life that one recognizes from twenty-something, restaurant-driven social circles.

The braggadocio, camaraderie, the salaciousness, the insecurity, the basic unhappiness. The directing was heavy-handed enough in some places, and absent enough in others, to bring this sense of life to fruition.

Waiting II by contrast looks to have every single trapping of cinematic horribleness.

solon said...

At first I thought Waiting II was a spoof, maybe a spoof from the Canadian Saturday Night Live or what ever the equivalent. However, after reading your comment, I remembered you were infatuated in Waiting.


So, the first movie doesn't look too bad. It would be one of those late night TV ventures. If I ever say the first one.

Of course, now for QT. Kill Bill was art. Reservoir Dogs was very good. True Romance, a classic. Pulp Fiction a great film about the breakup of modern society.

But this? WWII, Nazis, and torture. I never thought QT desired to make a patriotic movie.

Supadiscomama said...

"Canadian Saturday Night Live"--ha ha!