Sunday, January 11, 2009

A Response to M's Recent Separation of Spheres Post, And a Follow up To Harrogate's Last Post on TRS

On Friday, M Sublimely Wrote the following: I Really Wish that I would wake up tomorrow and find my dissertation finished. That would be a lovely thing to discover.

Indeed. Reading that this morning put Harrogate in mind of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow," one of our long-cherished songs about what it means to wish and dream. The version that Harrogate provides below also closed out the movie 50 First Dates, by the way: although inexplicably (pet peeve! pet peeve!) the song did not make it onto the Soundtrack for that Movie.

But Scrubs, in its 5th Season, made good narrative use of it. So here ye go M, this one's for you!

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M said...

Thanks for making me smile so early on a Sunday morning, Harrogate.