Monday, January 12, 2009

Happy Monday Musical Tribute, and a Continuation of the Soundtrack Discussion

Trying to polish off his current dissertation chapter once and for all, and still ruminating on megs' recent post about Soundtracks, Harrogate has been listening to a lot Soundtracks lately. For those few who make a habit of writing while listening to Music, this trend will not come as much of a surprise, since good Soundtracks, like good pieces of writing, experience a discernible thematic continuity.

(A sidenote: In the raucous comments section to that aforementioned thread, Solon noted that he could not remember what is on the She's The One Soundtrack, which Harrogate had placed in his top ten. Nor did this announcement surprise Harrogate, as Solon has on several occasions in the past expressed lukewarm feelings for Tom Petty, whose band did all of the songs for that Sountrack. But still, Harrogate encourages Solon, and everyone else, to check out Petty's work on She's The One, as all of the songs definitely sustain a parallel with the Movie's Ambivalent attitude towards love and sex.)

Herein, Harrogate celebrates the Soundtrack to A Lot Like Love, another movie that had some strange things to say about the whole Boy/Girl Thang. Absent Harrogate's discovery of this Soundtrack, he sadly might never have been schooled by Megs on the Awesomness of Hooverphonic. But for today's Song, Harrogate celebrates "Look What You've Done," by Jet. It is really a wonderful song. Harrogate thinks that if you are not familiar with it, you'd better get there real quick.

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Oxymoron said...

A good song, Harrogate. I grew to like it quite a bit during my A-Lot-Like-Love phase. When it came out on DVD, I watched it several times a week. On one particular Saturday, I watched it three times. No kidding.

The chemistry between Ashton Kutcher and Amanda Peet was great. I thought. I think.

One of my favorite scenes from the movie is when this Jet song plays. We have a montage of Oliver (Kutcher) down-in-the-dumps around town. At one point, he is walking down the sidewalk and nearly trips over his own flip-flop. To me, that seemed such an authentic moment. When nothing is going his way--he lost his business, his girl--Oliver stumbles over your own shoe. It's like "Fuck! I'm even tripping over my own sandal."

Another keeper is when Oliver and Emily (Peet) sing some Chicago on their roadtrip.