Monday, January 12, 2009

A Final Word on Scrubs and Music, Season Five

One marker of a great television series, in Harrogate's estimation, is that any given episode both stands alone as a sustainable entity, even as it advances the longer narrative arc to which it contributes. Ye do not have to be very familiar with the show's multiple relationships and subplots to "get" the sensibilities expressed, below. But for those who are familiar with the broader Rhetorical Situation, this clip stands out as exemplary of many elements, from the show's baseline Take On Medicine, to Turk's professional bravery, to the nature of Carla's belief in Turk, and to the fundamental deceny of Bob Kelso, Sacred Heart's Chief of Medicine.

All distilled in 3:23.

Oh yeah. And finally, this clip shows why the relationship between JD and Elliot is so refreshing to pop television junkies like Harrogate and Supadiscomama who are, frankly, no longer able to stomach Ross/Rachel vascillations. The romantic underrcurrents of JD and Elliot have always been secondary, and wonderfully so. The way in which she comes through for him in the clip below, is what their bond is really about.

And again. Best use of Music on Television.

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