Monday, November 24, 2008

Sponsor Embarrassed by YCT

Texas A&M professor John Fike stepped down from his post as faculty adviser for the A&M chapter of the Young Conservatives of Texas. The reason: he is ashamed of the way the group behaves.

Following the group's anti-Obama rally where students were invited to toss eggs at a picture of Barack Obama, and after the circulation of a flier that pictured four A&M professors who signed a petition of support for Bill Ayers, Fike said that he had finally had enough. He says that the YCT's actions have, once again, embarrassed the university.

The chairman for the YCT chapter said that the group had already planned to drop Fike because he was an Obama supporter.


solon said...

If nothing else the YCT may be able to join the editorial board at the National Review. Like the YCT, the National Review does not favor intellectual honesty or intellectual diversity even from members of its own ranks.

I am sure that the YCT feel marginalized at the University level even though President Bush will speak to the graduates in December.

Oxymoron said...

Did you see the flier, Solon? Two of the four profs pictured on the flier (and on the YCT website) are from the English department.

solon said...

I did not see the flier though I read that two English profs were mentioned on the flier. In the BCS Eagle report, the paper interviewed one of the YCT who stated in McCarthy fashion that questions needed to be answered and it is important for people to know.

This, of course, leads us down that slippery slope to no where. I am sure, as they wear their Club Gitmo T-Shirts, that the YCT needs to answer questions about the support of official government terrorists that use Stalinistic techniques for the "safety" of everyone. Of course, when groups defend the sanitized for our protection concept of "Enhanced Interrogation Techniques," that is a perfectly reasonable, and lawful, use of law and order. Just ask the Soviets.

Maybe it is time to start asking questions...