Tuesday, November 25, 2008

iPhone Envy

I so covet an iPhone. And I have grown to hate Verizon.

The only question I need to ask: do I covet an iPhone to the degree I will allow myself to be economically raped by Verizon?

In order to get an iPhone, the new technological love of my life, I would need to break my contract with Verizon as I can do nothing with them until March. My phone, a PDA, needs to be replaced as it is a piece of shit (by piece of shit I mean, one, it is not an iPhone and, two, my space bar does not work). Last week I went to Verizon to replace it and they kindly told me Megs could switch her phone and but if I chose to select a new phone I would need to pay full price, which means even their customer service told me to get an iPhone. I imagine if I upgraded, to say the new touch screen Blackberry, that would not be a problem except that a Blackberry is not an iPhone.

Suggestions? (Other than get a life or do work instead of just being on Thanksgiving break).


M said...

Given the price of an iphone, the monthly fee to operate an iphone, and the price to break your contract, I say, quite frankly, that you can deny yourself just a bit longer.

solon said...

But the monthly fee for an I phone is cheaper than Verizon. That's the kicker. I don;t want a data plan with Verizon but because I have a PDA they told me I needed one. Well, I don't want one and can't switch to another phone that doesn't require one, because that is not in the imaginary contract between Verizon and myself.

I say it is imaginary because that can change it but I cannot.

Oxymoron said...

Your space bar doesn't work? That's funny. Your text messages probably look like ancient Greek prose.