Monday, June 13, 2011

Where Aren't We Live Blogging the Republican Debate?

Seriously. I could, one, give better answers than the Republicans and, two, think it sucks that the Bruins are up 4 - 0 on the Canucks.


harrogate said...

I cannot in good conscience live blog the GOP primaries. I do however intend to return to live blogging WWE events in the near future. It is much more authentic rhetoric, and more sustainable foreign policy being advocated by WWE, you must admit.

Can I ask why you are pulling for the Canucks? I've been feeling the Bruins on this one.....Is there something about the Bruins I need to know?

solon said...

First, I never, ever support anyone other team from the Adams Division.

Second, I like Vancouver, always have. I thought they had the best uniforms in the 1990s until they went all-Orca on me. I wanted them to win the cup in 1994 against the Blue Shirts.

Third, Sega Hockey- 1993. Bure, Courtnall, Ronning, Linden, Nedved, Lymme and Lidster were unstoppable. I varied my roster, sometimes playing five forwards but I could not be beat.