Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Predicting 2012

After watching one debate, and really, if Reagan's 11th Commandment declares, "Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican," it seems clear that the Republican ticket in 2012 will be:

Romney for President, Bachman for VP.

If the field stays the same, the only alterations I would suggest is Romney President and Marco Rubio for VP or, the long-shot ticket, Bachman for President and Rubio for VP.

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harrogate said...

I read a lot of right wing websites, as you know, and all I can say is there will be a LOT of anti-GOP posturing on the Right, in the event that Romney wins the nomination. Bachman, though wholly beloved by this same contingent would not, I believe, mitigate the posturing as much as Palin did for McCain.

In the end, though, I must conclude that posturing is all it would be. I don't think it would affect turnout from the Right because of the vast storehouse of hatred for Obama that exists on the Right. And maybe, just maybe Romney can convince non-ideologues--those slippery "independents" of myth, legend, and dust--that in addition to possessing great hair he is a reasonable, well-meaning fellow who knows exactly what it takes to "get America back to work."

Also, if the Mormon gets the nomination, the Dems will be once again proving their foolishness if they do not run nationwide ads with various images of Romney in a suit and a voiceover saying sometbing to the effect of "this is the guy who laid you off, this is the guy who shipped your jobs overseas," etc. Which of course they would prove their foolishness and not run those kinds of ads because.

No, wait. It's not foolishness if you also support corporate globalization lock, stock, and barrell. Nevermind.