Sunday, August 09, 2009

The Dude Abides

To continue fashion month on TRS, I must describe the outfit I wore to Walmart this afternoon.

No, it did not include jorts or mandels.

After finishing some yard work this morning, I showered and put on a pair of chino shorts and a polo shirt. Since I had no immediate plans to leave the house, I chose a pair of slippers for footwear.

Around noon, I started to prepare lunch. I realized that I needed a few items from the store, so I quickly jumped in my car and headed to the supercenter.

I pulled into Walmart's parking lot and opened my door. As soon as I put my foot on the black-top, I noticed that I was still wearing my slippers.

So through the store I went in my brown corduroy house shoes. Classy!


M said...

I'm sure you fit right in!

thursdaynext.21 said...

Do you have a muu muu hiding in the closet to match the house shoes?

note: my 'house shoes' have little people on them. It is very affirming to wear them and say, "I'm walking all over the little people".