Saturday, May 02, 2009

The argument for correct punctuation

The sign held outside of Planned Parenthood said:

And everyone who drove by prayed as hard as they could for speedy abortions.


M said...

Thanks for that, Roof! PW and I both needed a good laugh!

solon said...

My favorite example of how the lack of punctuation for a political message occurred in Texas.

While driving along Highway 10 to get to New Orleans, there were numerous signs that read:

Terrorists Don't Mess with Texas
Remember the Alamo

This presents the problems when you rely on two battle cries that have absolutely no bearing to the 2001 situation. Terrorists, all of the terrorists who drive down 10, do not mess with Texas because you will suffer the same fate as those who took over the Alamo.

Wait. Does this mean that Texans want the terrorists to win? Or did the writers of this sign not expect the terrorists to know history, like the Texans themselves.

It is just too much.

The Roof Almighty said...

I think in this case, the Alamo-ans represent the terrorists. And they will be soundly defeated and folk heroes forever.