Sunday, March 15, 2009


Before we handle the annual APB for Harrogate, we must address this question, which deserves to be taken seriously:

Oxy? Where are you?


harrogate said...

Second the motion on Oxy. And, megs, there will be less of a need for an APB this time around. Alas, Harrogate can only allow himself minimal absorbtion this year.

But Situationers never fear. That wondrous song is coming Wednesday night!

paperweight said...

The Ox is traveling according to my informants.

Oxymoron said...

Please forgive my absence.

Oxywife's grandfather passed last week, so we had to travel to Kansas City for the funeral.

We returned on Tuesday only to fly out again on Wednesday. This time to West Palm Beach, Florida, where we stayed at The Breakers. (And, yes, we were there during the Latin Grammy Awards. Some guests reported seeing Rod Stewart and J-Lo on the grounds, but, alas, we did not, as we were attending a function in a different ballroom that evening.)

Oxymoron said...

We just got in an hour ago. I will try to catch up tomorrow.

M said...

I'm so sorry about Mrs. Ox's grandfather, Oxy. Please pass on my condolences.