Sunday, March 15, 2009

Cheney To The Rescue

If you just look at it in terms of what has actually happened, it is quite amazing that he just comes out and does John King's show on CNN, and King treats him with all this respect and everyone acts like its normal, a Vice President with a vast store of experience and a perspective to give.

As opposed, say, to a corporate mouthpiece with blood on his hands.

But anywho. Check out this little framejob by Powerline, a Rightist web site that consistently shilled for President Bush throughout.

The money line:

The contrast between Cheney's lucidity and the babbling brook who now serves as Vice President is painful.

Geez. Harrogate's not a big Biden fan, but that statement right there, that's just embarrassing writing Powerline. Even for you guys, this is caricature.

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