Sunday, March 22, 2009

Celebrating (Again) The Creativity of Britney Spears: The Question of the Day

Building upon the illustrious work of Harrogate.(I cannot believe I am writing about this).

With her song, "If you see Amy," Britney Spears*** is following in the footsteps of blues pianist Memphis Slim, the Canadian band April Wine, the pop-punk band Poster Children, James Joyce in Ulysses, and William Shakespeare in Twelfth Night. Here is Slate's take, with all of the references.

Oh well, it could be worse, as James Joyce notes:

If you see kay
Tell him he may
See you in tea
Tell him from me.

But, I ask you Situationers, what other examples of this type of brilliant wit do you admire?

*** Disclaimer: It is highly unlikely that Britney Spears wrote the lyrics to that song or the song itself, but, for a moment, we can live with the illusion.


Supadiscomama said...

I've always enjoyed Charlotte York's rendition of "See you next Tuesday."

And, no, Britney didn't write that song. But it's fun, and I like it.

Oxymoron said...

Dee, I see Kay.

The Roof Almighty said...

See, 8 Shell a.m.
Why, Dee? I!