Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Wednesday Musical Tribute

Sick of Irony but don't want Sappiness either? Hit play below.


Oxymoron said...

Not so long ago, I was talking to my parents about Elvis. Both of them recalled how good looking he was when they first saw him on television. My mom and her cousin used to play like they were on dates with him when they were younger.

Harrogate, would you agree that George Clooney is our generation's Elvis? I'm telling you, if anyone could make me... nevermind.

harrogate said...

Much as Harrogate likes Clooney (cue chuckles from the peanut gallery), he has to say that NO, Clooney is not this generation's Elvis.

Not sure anyone merits that title actually. He was one of a kind. Verily, ye don't have to be an Elvis fan, to acknowledge that.

For example. The community theater group Harrogate occasionally carouses with, once a year hosts this really good Elvis impersonator, whose act brings in the ladies by the droves. Many of these ladies are in their late fifties to mid sixties. They come to drink wione, they come to squeal, they come to remember.