Friday, February 06, 2009

A Message on Inclusion, and One on Exclusion

Yesterday President Obama attended the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington. While there, he spoke about his path to Christianity and the importance of faith in his family life. He then quoted passages from the Quran and the Torah to underscore a point about the universality of the "golden rule." He also spoke approvingly of Buddhists, Hindus, followers of Confucius, humanist, and agnostics. (When Bush spoke last year, he did not praise any of these groups.)

Dr. Frank S. Page, former president of the Southern Baptist Convention had these things to say after the breakfast:

--"[Obama] was not my first choice for president." We figured.

--About the Quran reference, "I would rather that had been left off." Of course.


The Roof Almighty said...

"That part where he suggested that I tolerate the existance of other people was fucking infuriating to me." -Reverend Whitey McSecretlygay O'Childmolester, of the Living in Proud Denial Church of Greater Americastan.

"I've never actually read the Bible because it's infested with Jew words, but you obviously haven't either, so let's pretend that I have an opinion worth farting." -Conservative
J. Shitsinpants, Senator of Real America(R).

"We put up with you," Joe "Rush" Sixpack, The Problem.

M said...

I have two comments.

First, it is nice to see a post that isn't remotely sexual in its content.

Second, are any of us really surprised by these comments?