Saturday, January 03, 2009

College Football Fans of the World, Unite; Or, More Likely, Sit and Take It For Another Five Years

Well, it seems that the College Football Corporate Bowl Season is about to implode yet again. Of course I am speaking of the delicious irony provided by the Utah Utes at the hands of Nick "There is no need for me to honor my contract" Saban's Losing Tide....

Let's recap, shall we? The only undefeated team in Division I, the Utes from Utah, could not play for the National Championship because they are not in one of the major divisions as determined by college presidents from the major football factories who do not want to share revenue with anyone.

Instead, the powers that be scheduled the Utes against Alabama, a team that went undefeated until their conference championship game and, fortunately for those who dislike College Football, that loss eliminated 'Bama from contention. Yet, a funny thing happened on the way to the Utah's destruction by the hands of Alabama: Utah demolished Alabama.

Now, Florida and Oklahoma, teams that each have one loss, will play for College Football's National Championship sometime this year. Oklahoma received an invitation to the game somehow even though they finished with an identical record as Texas and Texas beat them on a neutral field when those two teams met around midterms. Florida received a trip to the big dance by virtue of beating Alabama in the SEC title game.

At this point I would prefer to watch Oklahoma beat Florida, Texas beat Ohio State, and Utah proclaim they are the National Champions while USC, another one loss team, sits on the sidelines and cries over the fact that the powers that be only let them play in the Rose Bowl each and every year...

Wow this is an exciting way to determine a champion...And to think, since ESPN has the rights to the Bowl games until 2014, nothing will change.

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AcadeMama said...

As Bob Stoops and others have indicated, the majority vote from the coaches continues to be in favor of the current system rather than a playoff system. Until this changes, Mack Brown, Mike Leach, et al. can cut the whining and grow a pair.

P.S. I hope Urban Meyer is fatally pelted by oranges, regardless of who wins the championship.