Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ashlee Simpson-Wentz makes an excellent point

This morning, as I was skimming the various news sites I keep up with, I counted no less than 3 stories about Jessica Simpson's alleged weight gain. Um, ok. I see images of Jessica Simpson everywhere, and frankly, she doesn't look like she's gained any weight to me. I am constantly miffed by the media's obsession with skinny women--as in emaciated women who look like they are about to pass out from lack of food. So, here's something I never thought I'd do: I'm vehemently agreeing with Ashlee Simpson-Wentz wrote on her blog about her sister's alledged weight gain. I wish everyone in Hollywood had as much sense about this particular issue.


The Roof Almighty said...

Honestly, I'd take Ashley more seriously on the issue if she hadn't so publicly recieved a nose job..
Replacing what I though was a perfectly adorable nose with a factory model, mind you.
How can girls to love and respect themselves when a minor celebrity's' sister can't be in the public lights without mangling their faces to look like a plastic version of TV-pretty.

And, for the record, can I still make fun of Jessica Simpson, no matter what her weight, for attending a chili cook-off DISGUISED as a fat person?

The last time I saw that ensemble, it was on Luenelle, the prostitute/wife from Borat.

solon said...

I would take what she said seriously until she "performed" on Saturday Night Live and at the "Orange Bowl."

M said...

Ok, Roof, I'll grant you the point about her cosmetic surgery, and yes, you can feel free to mock Jessica Simpson for her wardrobe. But really, Solon, saying that Ashlee's points can't be taken seriously b/c she lip sang on SNL? Bad career moves don't make her points about the media's obsession with weight any less valid. Don't listen to her music (I know I don't), but she is still right on that it is totally absurd to claim Jessica is now "fat."

AcadeMama said...

I put all the blame on high-waisted pants. They flatter nobody except the Hepburn sisters.