Thursday, December 11, 2008

"If the Pope is right, we are seriously fucked": Understanding Polution as Sin

On March 10th, M uncovered the Vatican's new list of sins, which includes pollution. Megs follows with a post about prescription drugs in our drinking water.

Drawing her first premise from M's post, Megs constructs a frightening argument.

Premise #1: The Pope says Pollution is a Sin.
Premise #2: Pharmaceuticals Pollute Our Water.
Conclusion: Therefore, We Are Seriously Fucked.

Enjoy hell, everyone!


M said...

You are on a serious role lately, my friend! And I, for one, am loving it!

Oxymoron said...

I recently talked about logical fallacies in class, so I have the syllogism on my brain.

Thanks for the love.