Monday, December 22, 2008

I worry that the Situation is dying on us.

Goddammit, you bitch! You never backed away from anything in your life! Now fight!

Fight! Right now! Do it! Fight goddammit! Fight! Fight! Fiiiiight!

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harrogate said...

see with stuff like this popping into play. TRS will be A-Okay.

On a somewhat unrelated note, Harrogate just realized something.

A big part of the Rhetorical Appeal of "Happy Days" was that Fonzie and Richie, as differently as they were drawn, taught one another important things, with no one character's knowledge being privileged above the other.

Harrogate isn't saying he ever liked the show. He is just saying that this balance appealed to viewers. It smacked of egalitarianism, class blindness if you will.

But, did you guys know that during the 1950s Miluwaukee had a SOCIALIST Mayor?

Apparently the writers of "Happy Days" and "Laverne and Shirley" did not know that.