Tuesday, November 18, 2008

For You, Oxymoron

Here's an article called "Dear President Obama, There are a couple of embarrassing e-mails from my past that I think you should know about" on Slate. An excerpt, to explain why I'm directing Oxy to read it:
From: Justin Peters
Date: 05/22/1996
Subject: Whoops!

hey all … my first week on e-mail and I'm already screwing it up. yesterday afternoon, I accidentally hit "reply all" and sent everyone in my address book an e-mail that I only meant to send to brad. although this was meant to be humorous, i understand that many of you found it incredibly hurtful. for the record, i don't really think that all the sophomore girls are "aspiring whores," and i certainly don't think that beth jervey is a fat and stupid hooker who never takes a shower. i also was kidding when i said those things about mrs. wenzel, beth jervey's father, and people of irish heritage. finally, i did not mean to attach that photograph of my balls. please delete that photograph asap.


Oxymoron said...

Nice. Very nice.

I'm glad you included the proper tag for this post.

P.S. Oxytodd loved her e-card. Glad it contained no pics of Solon's b-balls.

paperweight said...

Balls, I have pictures of lots of balls let me know if you want to see.