Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sunday Musical Tribute

Upon his return Harrogate sees that much has taken place here. He hopes to speak to M and Paperweight soon, to express his delight for them. He also plans a response to Megs' probing post about the whole Green Thing.

But as decompression continues, for now Harrogate submits this cover of "Suffragette City" by none other than Boy George.

A good cover? Harrogate reports, you decide.

Oh, and heh. If this has put ye in a Boy George State of Mind®, then get your fill by checking this wondrousness out:


Oxymoron said...

I've got a fever. And the only prescription is more accordion!

megsg-h said...

Nope. Doesn't do it for me. Sorry, Boy.

harrogate said...

Megs, speaking of "strangely likeable," that is how Harrogate would describe his thoughts on Boy George. Always liked him.

Harrogate confesses a bit of surprise that ye didn't get anything out of the "Summertime" cover, at least. Pretty creative rendition!

But then, we TRS-ersd are a cornucopia of tastes, and that is why we rule!