Wednesday, June 10, 2009

From the Rachel Maddow Show: Terrorist Threats Against Women's Health Clinics on the Rise

It really looks like more violence against women and medical providers in the crusade to end abortion, is coming. These groups are just whacked out, picketing people's private homes, yelling at and touching patients, threatening doctors and staff. Etc. Tiller's murder emboldened them, and the closing of his clinic has further emboldened them. Now we see that Operation Rescue wants to make a bid on Tiller's clinic.

Perhaps more insidiuously, a meme has been gaining traction, recently articulated by this assshole, arguing that by taking the abortion issue "out of the democratic process," the Supreme Court is to blame for political violence. How unfortunate that the New York Times would publish such trash.

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Care said...

Women have been subjected to violence throughout history, and although this horrendous action is condemned by all societies, it is still prevalent in many, especially the third world countries. In a survey carried out by the World Health Organization (WHO) in 2005, out of the ten counties surveyed, more than 50 percent of women in Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Peru and Tanzania reported having been subjected to physical or sexual violence by intimate partners, with figures reaching a staggering 71 percent in rural Ethiopia. Only in Japan, less than 20 percent of women report incidents of domestic violence.