Monday, May 18, 2009

Harrogate Offers A Public Apology

Harrogate is going to keep this short. Mostly because the person he needs to apologize to has no idea about the existence of this blog. But the truth is that in the past, Harrogate has several times maligned the blog, Little Green Footballs, as a far right extremist website.

This was never true, though at the time Harrogate sincerely thought it was. But since Obama's victory it has become quite clear that this blog, run by Charles Johnson, is a firecely centrist blog, far more centrist philosophically that Harrogate himself. Johnson has taken a brave stand against the Right who loved him during the Bush years, with respect to defending science and civil liberties for all. Harrogate disagrees with LGF's view of the international landscape and what to do about it, but that does not excuse the caricature with which he has painted LGF in the past.

Having followed the blog for the last few months, Harrogate apologizes.

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