Monday, April 06, 2009

Thick and Juicy

As someone rather well-endowed in the caboose department, I've always been amused by Sir Mix-a-lot's classic. It's catchy. It's funny.

Burger King is trying to promote their new kids' meals--square meals. As such, they've adapted Sir Mix-a-lot's song to "I like square butts." The BK king raps and checks the right angles of the ladies' butts as they shake their righteous booties. Sponge Bob Square Pants makes a few appearances too, thus the commercial creates an interesting (and I would suggest disturbing) series of contrasts between children's cartoons, kid's meals, and songs about sex and butts.

Thoughts? The video premeried during halftime (go Tarheels!) so I haven't been able to find it online yet.


nicheplayer said...

My wife and I just watched this commercial during an episode of The Hills. WTF is Burger King thinking? Sir Mix-A-Lot and dancers in tight pants to promote a kid's meal? Really? That was f*#ked up.

nicheplayer said...

Oh, and a commercial for a kid's meal airing at 9:50 p.m.? Hello?

solon said...

While I have not seen the ad, from the provided description I do not think that the audience for the ad is "kids." The audience seems to be directed towards adults and parents who remember Sir Mix-A-Lot or think their kid likes Sponge Bob. This way the parents get something out of the ad and BK and, when the parents take their kids there, the kids get something out of BK.